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Dr. Ashis Neogy is a renowned and one of the best homeopathic doctor in Kolkata. He has over 30 years of experience in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions with homeopathy. Dr. Neogy is known for his holistic approach to healing and his commitment to providing his patients with the best possible care.

Homeopathy Treatment :

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that uses highly diluted natural substances to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Homeopathic remedies are believed to work by triggering the body’s immune system to fight off disease. Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica 
  • Digestive problems
  • Ear infections
  • Headaches
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Stress
  • Urinary tract infections
  • All chronic diseases 

Complete Care of Treatment :

Dr. Neogy takes a holistic approach to homeopathic treatment. He considers all aspects of a patient’s life, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, when developing a treatment plan. Dr. Neogy also works with his patients to identify and address the underlying causes of their illness.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances, such as plants, minerals, and animal products. These substances are diluted to a very high degree, making them safe and non-toxic. Homeopathic medicines are available in a variety of forms, including tablets, liquids, and creams.

Homeopathic remedies are selected based on the individual symptoms of the patient. Dr. Neogy will carefully assess your symptoms and medical history to determine the best remedy for you. Homeopathic remedies are generally taken once or twice a day.

Homeopathic Cured Cases :

Homeopathy can cure a wide range of diseases and conditions. However, it is important to note that homeopathy is not a quick fix. It may take some time to see results, depending on the severity of your condition.

Dr. Neogy has successfully treated a wide range of diseases and conditions with homeopathy. Here are some specific examples:


Homeopathy can help to reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. More patients under Dr. Neogy’s treatment, Best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata for Asthma Read.


Homeopathy can help to relieve the symptoms of allergies, such as hay fever and eczema. Dr.Neogy best homeopathic  doctor in Kolkata for Skin and Allergies. Know about Cold Allergies  & Psoriasis or Eczema. 


Homeopathy can help to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Start treatment and get relieve. Know more Dr.Neogy’s best homeopathy treatment in Kolkata. 

Digestive problems:

Homeopathy can help to relieve a variety of digestive problems, such as indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Dr.Ashis Neogy best homeopathy doctor in kolkatafor Liver. Read

Ear infections:

Homeopathy can help to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with ear infections.


Homeopathy can help to relieve a variety of headaches, including migraines and tension headaches.

Hormonal imbalances:

Homeopathy can help to balance hormones and relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalances, such as PMS and menopause.

Menstrual problems:

Homeopathy can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve symptoms of menstrual problems, such as cramps and heavy bleeding.

Skin conditions:

Homeopathy can help to relieve a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Homeopathy can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Urinary tract infections:

Homeopathy can help to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections, such as burning urination and frequent urination.


If you are looking for one of the best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata, I encourage you to consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Ashis Neogy. He is a highly experienced and skilled homeopathic doctor who is committed to providing his patients with the best possible care.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Neogy, you can call his clinic at 093315 17746.

Specializes in homeopathic health services :

He treats all patients with the utmost respect and care. Based on your physical and psychological conditions, we evaluate the best treatment as per Dr. P.Banerji’s protocols. Homeopathic specialist Dr Ashis Neogy is one of the best homeopathic doctor in kolkata,  senior assistant of Dr. P. Banerjee.

  Experienced Doctor 

Dr. Ashis Neogy is well-known homeopath in Kolkata. Dr.Neogy has over 25 years of experience for all type of chronic & critical diseases.

He gathered extensive practical  knowledge from world famous homeopathic Doctor P.Banerji’s ( Late Dr.Pranab Banerji son of Dr. Pareshnath Banerji) protocol.

Our homeopathic treatment for Chronic Diseases, treatment will easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles.

Let us know how we can help you and we’ll make sure you receive the best treatment from our health clinic Kolkata.  

A Homeopathic clinic Dr :

about Homeopathy treatment, yoga & healthy diet for best result. 

When you are better relaxed, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual.

Best homeopathy treatment for osteoarthritis

Your immune system with our Homeopathic Remedy Concoction treatment and start seeing results, without any side-effects.

Dr. Ashis Neogy experienced homeopath and popularly known as  best homeopathic doctor in kolkata. 

Our Homeopathic mode of treatment as per Dr. P.BANERJI ( Late Dr. Pranab Banerji) protocols. Medicines prepared as single medicines and combinations medicines.

Homeopathy pharmacy :

A homeopathic pharmacy is a retail pharmacy or apothecary that specialises in homeopathic remedies and supplies.

To be able to dispense any remedies, the homeopathic physician or pharmacist will usually require a homeopathic dispensing certificate (HDC) or a diploma in homeopathy.

homeopathy pharmacy

There are many types of herbs,chemicals or homeopathic medicines collecting, compounding, bottling & lebeling etc.

Homeopathic remedies: 

Homeopathic remedies are prepared according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.
Dr. Neogy serves medicines only his own patients with prescription.

Best homeopathy doctor in kolkata for Arthritis, Sciatica pain, Allergies, Bronchitis, Gastritis and all chronic diseases .

Homeopathic Clinics in Kolkata, operates by one of the best homeopathic doctor in Kolkata .

Presently operating 3 Clinic in Kolkata.

  • Kestopur Clinic 
  • Baguiati Clinic 
  • Lake town Clinic 

Late Dr Pranab Banerji & Late Dr. Pratim Banerji was leading homeopathy doctor in India. They had two clinics, one clinic was south Kolkata Rash behari Avenue & other clinic was north Kolkata Hatibagan crossing.

After demise South Kolkata Homeopathy clinic is completely close , now north Kolkata Homeopathy clinic operates successfully by senior assistant Dr.Ashis Neogy with other associates and old staffs.

Presently name of the clinic “M/S P.Banerji Services” at Hatibagan crossing ICICI BANK Bank building. 

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Contact  Dr.Neogy ( One of the best Homeopathic doctor in Kolkata)

 Laketown– Homeopathy Clinic- Desk Of Dr.Ashis Neogy, 129, Block A, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700089. Phone – 9874154899

Baguiati – Dr.Ashis Neogy, EB-23 , Beside Baguiati AC Market, Raghunathpur, Desh Bandhu Nagar, Baguiati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700059. Phone – 9836618251

Kestopur– Dr. Ashis Neogy Homeopathy Clinic, Asha green ll, Gr.Floor,Kestopur Majherpara, P.O, Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700102. Phone – 8017361307.

     Remote Distance Care

Facilities to my patient remote distance care, you’ll receive personalized attention, timely medical advice, and convenient access to prescriptions and follow-up care, all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. So long waiting times and travel hassles free and effective healthcare wherever you are.

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