About Homeopathy doctor Ashis Neogy

Dr. Neogy the owner of Desk of homeopathy.
More than 30 years of immaculate experience in treating patients in various type of diseases and headed by top-notch homeopathic doctor, Dr.P. Banerji and group, he is dedicated to service of mankind as mantra of his life.
His many records of curing array of diseases irrespective of age and gender.

– Epilepsy or brain and nervous system disorder.
– Vision problem and eye-related disease.
– Respiratory disorder like asthma and lot more.
– Heart disease or cardiac problem.
– Digestive and gastrointestinal disorder.
– Urological or kidney disorder.
– Reproductive and gynecological care like menstrual cycle monitoring, infertility, menopausal issues, cyst and lot more.
– Hormonal disorder.
– Bones and orthopedic problem
– Skin problem like wart and psoriasis.
– Diabetes, thyroid, and hypertension.
– Child health care like growth and development, loss of appetite, genetical disorder, emotional, physical and mental disorder.
– Sexual Dysfunction & Disorders.

About Homeopathy doctor Ashis Neogy, With a charitable and kind spirit, he serves his consultation  at Laketown,Baguiati & Kestopur.

His patience and serving nature with profound analyzing capability makes him top homeopathic practitioner in Kolkata .

Now people are more aware about health.They are more health conscious. First they search about doctor from doctor’s website and watch about reviews then they visit to doctor clinic.

People now have to go and meet a lot of doctors. Going to your doctor is not just about getting a prescription and medicines.Instead of just prescribing medicines, the doctor asks you questions and gives you advice about a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors do not just see that one patient.They meet many patients in a day.

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