Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache

Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache
Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache 
Migraine is mostly misdiagnosed as Sinusitis or Sinus Headaches. Self diagnosed Sinus headache is almost always migraine. More than 4 out of 5 people who reckon they have a sinus headache actually have migraine. Thus there is a huge misconception among most people. Sinus headaches and migraine have some similar symptoms.

Some common symptoms of migraine and sinusitis are:- – 1. Pain in the head, especially in the forehead. – 2. Itchy or watery eyes. – 3. Pain felt during movement.

Apart from these symptoms, Migraine has some other symptoms as well…They are:- – 1. The Headache is usually accompanied with Nausea and Vomiting. – 2. Sensitivity to Sound or light. – 3. Severe throbbing pain to one side of the head.

Sinus headaches are generally caused by an infection followed by the inflammation of the nasal passages which leads to congestions. This phenomenon causes utter pain and discomfort in the forehead. Best homeopathic treatment for Migraine.

Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache.

 The causes of sinus headaches are:-  1.Respiratory Tract Infections-Infections in the respiratory tract can inflame the sinus membranes or block mucus drainage.                 2. Allergies-The sinuses can be blocked by the inflammation caused by allergies.                        3. Asthma is a major cause of chromic sinusitis. – 4. Regular exposure to pollutants such as cigarette smoke.

Causes of Migraine – 1. Stress – 2. Sensory Stimuli-Exposure to bright lights,sun rays,loud sound,etc can induce migraine. – 3. Drinks-Alcohol and highly caffeinated beverages may induce migraine. – 4. Sleep Pattern-Less sleep is a huge factor of migraine.

Best Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache

  Treatments of migraine and sinusitis For Sinusitis, decongestants and pain relievers help to ease sinus pressure and congestion followed by antibiotics or nasal steroids that treat the infection.

Migraine can be reduced by reducing stress. A lot of exercise and relaxation help to decrease migraine.

Some yoga poses useful for eradicating or reducing Migraine and Sinusitis are:-

– 1. Padmasana- This pose is also called The Lotus Pose .Its a very simple pose but has vast useful effects.It helps in relaxation of the mind and clears the brain,thus banishing headaches.Its a very simple,yet effective yoga pose for Migraine relief.

– 2. Shavasana- The Shavasana or The Corpse Pose helps in instilling a deep state of rest in the body.It rejuvenates the body and helps in decreasing migraine.

An Ideal Diet for Migraine and Sinusitis:

An exemplary diet is very much needed to beat the odds of having to tolerate frequent migraine and sinus headaches. Scientific research has proven that some foods play a great role in treating or decreasing migraine and sinusitis.

The Best foods to include in the diet:

As mentioned earlier, some foods have a great effect on obliterating migraine and sinus headaches. Some of them are:-

– 1. Cooked Vegetables-Cooked green vegetables like broccoli, spinach; yellow vegetables such as summer squash and orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes etc help in curing and preventing migraine. – 2. Rice, especially brown rice is very effective for this cause. – 3. Non Citrus Fruits like cranberries, pears, prunes, cherries and so on are efficacious foods in Migraine and Sinusitis relief. But Citrus fruits are highly acidic and might trigger migraine. – 4. Water-Plain Water or carbonated forms of water aids to the cause of preventing or reducing migraine and sinusitis.

Foods to avoid:

 While there are foods that act as remedies, certain foods trigger Migraine and Sinusitis. These include:-

– 1. Dairy Products-Includes milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. One of the most common migraine triggers, dairy products should be avoided as much as possible for people suffering from sporadic migraine and sinus headaches.

– 2. Caffeine-Foods and beverages containing caffeine may trigger sinus headaches.

– 3. Citrus Fruits such as orange, apples, bananas, lemons are common triggers of migraine and sinusitis.

Homeopathy offers excellent scope for treating Migraine and sinusitis. They are very effecting in curing acute migraine and chronic migraine. Some of the homeopathic medicines are:-

– 1. Belladona-This is the best homeopathic medicine for treating migraine and sinusitis. Prescribed for people suffering from intense and pulsating headache.

– 2. Glonoinum-Prescribed for people suffering from excessive congestion in the head and also for headaches triggered from exposure in the sun.

– 3. Spigelia-Effective for treating left sided migraine.

4. Sangunaria Can. is Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache.

Migraine and Sinusitis treatment in homeopathy