Homeopathy treatment for liver disease

Homeopathy treatment for Liver Disease

Homeopathy treatment for Liver Disease


Liver Disease is a disturbance of liver functions that causes considerable damage in the body. Liver is the largest solid organ in the body and carries out various critical functions, thus any disease inflicted on the liver will cause substantial amount of damage to the body.

– Symptoms of Liver Disease:-

There are gazillions of symptoms. Some of them include-
– 1. Abdominal Pain and swelling, especially right upper quadrant abdominal pain.
– 2. Swelling in the legs and ankles.
– 3. Nausea
– 4. Vomiting
– 5. Loss of appetite
– 6. Jaundice which is a yellow discolouration of skin and eyes due to increase in the bilirubin concentrations in the
– 7. Fatigue
– 8. Dark Urine colour

– Causes:-


Liver disease has many causes:

– 1. Genetics-A family history of liver diseases is a vital cause. Liver diseases may be caused by an abnormal gene inherited from one or both the parents. Some of the genetic liver diseases are Wilson’s disease, Hyperoxaluria and oxalosis, Hemochromatosis and so on.


– 2. Immune System-Sometimes the immune system attacks certain parts of the body(Autoimmune).This may cause disease in the liver. Such liver diseases include Autoimmune Hepatitis, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

– 3. Infection-Microorganisms like viruses or parasites may infect the liver which results to inflammation thus reducing the liver functions. It is highly contagious and the viruses can be spread through blood or semen, contaminated food or water or through close contact with the infected person. The most common infection induced liver diseases are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
– 4. Alcohol Abuse-Excessive intake of alcohol is one of the most vital causes of liver diseases. Alcohol is directly noxious to liver cells and can cause liver inflammation.


–Types of Liver Disease:-

– 1. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease-
People who rarely or hardly drink alcohol may suffer this disease if substantial amount of fat is accumulated in the liver.
– 2. Hepatitis-Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C  are highly contagious liver diseases caused by the hepatitis A virus, Hepatitis B virus and the hepatitis C virus respectively.
– 3. Cirrhosis-Cirrhosis is a late-stage of liver damage. Chronic liver occurs from a variety of causes leading to Scarring of the liver and liver failure.
– 4. Alcoholic Hepatitis-Inflammation of the liver caused by excessive intake of alcohol.
–Remedies of liver disease:-
– 1. Alcohol consumption must be highly reduced.
– 2. Replenish the addiction of illicit drugs and do not share needles with other people.
– 3. Be picky about the cleanliness and safety of the tattoo shop if you want to have tattoos.
– 4. Avoid contact with other people’s blood and body fluids.
– 5. Maintain a healthy diet. Obesity is the main cause of non alcoholic fatty liver disease.
–Yoga practices for Liver Disease Relief:
Some yoga poses for a maintaining a healthy liver and helping in Liver Disease Remedy are:-
– 1. Dhanurasana-
Also known as the bow pose,this stimulates and strengthens the liver.The fats stored in the liver are used up as energy source for the body.This yoga pose is highly effective for people suffering from Fatty Liver Disease.
– 2. Gomukhasana-
Also known as Cow Face Pose,it is the best natural remedy for Cirrhosis.The liver is stimulated,thereby increasing oxygen and blood flow through it.
– Diet for maintaining a healthy liver:
A good healthy diet protects the liver and helps to maintain the liver functions proficiently.In general,the diet includes non fatty foods and strictly no alcohol. Homeopathy treatment for Liver Disease.
Best Foods for including in the diet-:
– The best foods to include in the diet for Liver Disease remedy are:-
– 1. Caffeine-Caffeine is harmful in general,but its very efficient and useful for people suffering from non alcoholic fatty liver disease.Coffee drinkers have comparatively low risk of liver damage than non coffee drinkers.This is because Caffeine lowers the amount of abnormal liver enzymes.
– 2. Sunflower seeds-These seeds are rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. It protects the liver from damage.
– 3. Fish-Fishes such as salmon,tuna have omega-3 fatty acids which improve the fatty acid levels and reduce inflammation.
– 4. Green Vegetables-Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach have very low levels of fat.Thus they prevent the concentration of fats in the liver thereby preventing Fatty liver disease.
Foods to avoid:
– The foods to avoid are:-
– 1. Alcohol-Arguably the most common cause of Liver diseases,alcohol must be strictly prohibited for those who already suffer from liver diseases.It should be consumed at a minimum for those who do not suffer from Liver diseases yet.
– 2. Sugar-High sugary foods such as candies,cakes,cold drinks etc must be avoided as much as possible because they aid in fat build-up in the liver.
– 3. Fried Foods-These are high in fats and calories and thus cause Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
– 4. Red Meat-Red Meats such as beef and mutton have very high amounts of saturated fats.
Homeopathic Treatments for Liver Disease-
–Some homeopathic medicines for treating liver disease are:-
– 1. Nux Vomica-This medicine is prescribed for people who regularly drink alcohol.One of the main reasons for liver disease is Alcoholism.
– 2. Chelidonium-Prescribed for symptoms such as pain in the abdomen,cravings for hot drinks and hot foods, constipationetc.This is a great remedy for Fatty Liver Disease.