Homeopathy treatment for Abscess


Homeopathy treatment for Abscess
Abscess is an inflammation with collection of pus, built up within the tissue of the body.
This is may be painful , redness, warmth and swelling.
Boils Curbancle are abscess .
Abscess generally comes from bacterial infection.
Skin abscess are common , it may occurs to all over our body.
Internal abscess are very difficult to find out.
A person will have a high temperature due to Abscess.
Sometime it cause a dangerous situations. This can lead to gangrene, where areas of body tissue die.
Occasionally high temperature may occur.
Different types of abscesses –
Kidney abscess
Liver abscess
Brain abscess
Breast abscess
Some homeopathic medicines helpful for common boils, curbancle, Tonsils etc.
homeopathy treatment for Abscess
Hypericum , Arsenic alb , Silicea , heper sulph belladonna etc. for oral medicine and calendula Q and Echinacea Q uses for external lotion.
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