Sciatica Homeopathy Medicines

Sciatica Homeopathy Medicines Sciatica Homeopathy Medicines, Sciatica is a condition that occurs due to compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Homeopathy have better treatment for Sciatica. Symptoms of Sciatica The symptoms of sciatica include pain, tingling, and numbness that radiate from the lower back to the legs. Homeopathy is a natural and holistic approach … Read more

homeopathy doctor kestopur

homeopathy doctor kestopur Kestopur vip bus stand , Kestopur kolkata west bengal . Kestopur pincode – 700102 Homeopathy doctor Ashis Neogy available at Kestopur Majherpara. Kestopur is officially Krishnapur, it is neighborhood in  North 24 parganas district. Now Kestopur is under Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation. Homeopathy doctor near me at Kestopur kolkata near Majherpara Bus Stop … Read more

Homeopathy treatment for Tonsillitis and Throat pain

Homeopathy treatment for Tonsillitis and Throat pain হোমিওপ্যাথিক চিকিৎসা টনসিলাইটিস্ গলা ব্যথা । টনসিলাইটিস হল আপনার গলার পিছনে টনসিলের একটি সংক্রমণ। এটি একটি সাধারণ শৈশব রোগ, তবে কিশোর এবং প্রাপ্তবয়স্করাও এটি পেতে পারে। টনসিলাইটিস একটি খারাপ সর্দি বা ফ্লুর মতো অনুভব করতে পারে। আপনার গলার পিছনের টনসিল লাল এবং ফুলে উঠবে। শিশু এবং প্রাপ্তবয়স্কদের মধ্যে … Read more

What is Homeopathy best for

হোমিওপ্যাথি একটি সম্পূর্ণ নিরাপদ চিকিৎসা পদ্ধতি । বাংলায় পড়ুন।  হোমিওপ্যাথি নিরাময়ের একটি নিরাপদ, মৃদু এবং প্রাকৃতিক পদ্ধতি যা আপনার শরীরের সাথে উপসর্গগুলি উপশম করতে, নিজেকে পুনরুদ্ধার করতে এবং আপনার সামগ্রিক স্বাস্থ্যের উন্নতি করতে কাজ করে। এটি ব্যবহার করা অত্যন্ত নিরাপদ, এমনকি খুব ছোট শিশু এবং পোষা প্রাণীর সাথেও, অনেক ঐতিহ্যবাহী ওষুধের কোনো পার্শ্বপ্রতিক্রিয়া নেই এবং … Read more

Homeopathy treatment for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils, two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat — one tonsil on each side. Signs and symptoms of tonsillitis include swollen tonsils, sore throat, difficulty swallowing and tender lymph nodes on the sides of the neck. Tonsillitis occurs when the tonsils become infected and inflamed. Tonsils … Read more

treatment for sciatica pain

treatment for sciatica pain , relieved by homeopathic medicines. What is Sciatica pain? Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the pathway of the sciatic nerve, branching from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down to each leg. Typically, sciatica only affects one side of the body. Symptoms & causes of sciatica … Read more

Best treatment in homeopathy

best treatment in homeopathy for piles. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are inflammations that contain dilated blood vessels located in or around the base (rectum and anus). Best treatment in homeopathy for Psoriasis Psoriasis a thick patch of white scales occur due to the overproduction of skin cells. This silvery-white spots build up by the … Read more

Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache

Homeopathy medicine for Migraine Headache  Migraine is mostly misdiagnosed as Sinusitis or Sinus Headaches. Self diagnosed Sinus headache is almost always migraine. More than 4 out of 5 people who reckon they have a sinus headache actually have migraine. Thus there is a huge misconception among most people. Sinus headaches and migraine have some similar … Read more

Homeopathic treatment for Asthma

Homeopathic treatment for Asthma, it is an allergic chronic lung disease (due to hereditary, environmental or may be for some medication, smoking etc. which cause wheezing and chest discomfort. Homeopathic treatment for Asthma. Asthma are generally considered as not curable but manageable . Asthmatic attack can be triggered by cold air, dust, or strong emotions. … Read more

Homeopathic treatment for piles

Homeopathic treatment for piles. Heamarroids or piles, are swelling and containing blood vessels around rectum. Some cases heamarroids have no symptoms. Main symptoms of heamarroids 1) Bleeding before and after passing stools, 2) Itchy and swellen rectum and anus, 3) Mucus discharge after passing stools, with soreness, redness and swelling around anus. Some patients says … Read more