How to cure Spondylitis


How to cure spondylitis ?

Spondylitis is the phenomenon of the inflammation of the vertebra which is an irregular bone present in the vertebral spinal column. As we age, our body experiences various deteriorations, especially in the structural framework of our body. Dr. Neogy Best homeopathy doctor for Spondylitis.

Different types of arthritis occur in the joints as well as in the spinal column. The spinal cord bears much of the strains of everyday life so the deteriorations is maximum in case of spine due to wear and tear.

Spondylitis is often referred to as Spondyloarthritis because its a form of arthritis that arises in the spine although it may harm other joints as well. Though spondylitis and spondylosis sounds quite similar to some patients but these two are quite different.

How to cure spondylitis ?
Spondylosis is a broader term referring to degenerative age-related conditions which can also affect spine whereas spondylitis only refers to the deterioration condition of spine.

Types of Spondylitis:

Some of the major spondylitis are as follows.

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS):

The term ankylosis means the new bone formation. In this type the new bones freezes the

movement of the spine. It also has effects in some other body parts like shoulders, hips, ribs,

and other joints.

Enteropathic Arthritis (EnA):

This type is associated with the inflammation of intestine including the bowel. Blood in stools, chronic diarrhoea, abdominal pains are some of the main symptoms of EnA.

Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA):

It causes pain in the small joints of the hands and feet. Psoriasis skin rash often found among PsA patients.

Reactive Arthritis (ReA):

In this case an infection in the intestine usually occurs before the inflammation in the joints. The joints, skin, eyes, bladder, genitals, and mucus membranes are also affected and can have severe pain due to this.

Undifferentiated Spondyloarthritis

It is mainly associated with spondyloarthritis, but it doesn’t fit with other symptoms of spondylitis like joint pains, Inflammation in spine etc.

Causes of spondylitis :-

– Genetics is a factor in this disease. A person is likely to suffer if his/her family or ancestors have had a history of this disease.

– Indolence-Laziness and lack of exercise is a vital cause of spondylitis. – Bad Habits- Having deleterious habits such as smoking or excessive drinking of alcohol is another cause. – Obesity also influences the chances of spondylitis.

How to cure spondylitis ?

Spondylitis Symptoms:-

– Excessive pain from the neck to the lower back for more than 2-3 months. – Hunched posture. – Swelling of bones. – Optical problems.

Remedies of Spondylitis:-

Medications as well as natural therapy are used to treat spondylitis. Some natural exercises are- – Stretching. – Heat and cold therapy. – Professional massage therapy. – Yoga.

Yoga,the best bet for a natural therapy:

Some Yoga poses which are useful in preventing and curing Spondylitis are:-

– 1. Bhujangasana-

Also known as the Snake pose,it helps to stretch the back,lungs and chest.It’s an effective pose for preventing Spondylitis.

– 2. Dandasana

Also known as Staff pose,it stretches the neck and shoulders.This pose improves the posture and strengthens the body’s structural framework.

Diet for Spondylitis patients:

A good diet can help to control Spondylitis symptoms.The main objective is to include foods which decrease inflammation,strengthen the bones and maintain a healthy heart.Another objective is to maintain a healthy weight as carrying too much weight will put strain on the body.

Best Foods for Spondylitis:

– The best foods to include in the diet for treating Spondylitis are:-

– Coloured Vegetables-Green,yellow,orange and other coloured vegetables contain antioxidants help with Arthritis symptoms and decrease inflammation.

– Whole grains-Whole grains are very good for a proper heart health.Spondylitis inflammation affects the heart and therefore whole grains like brown rice and quinoa should be included in the diet.

– Omega-3 Fatty acids-Fish like tuna,mackerel,sardines,salmon have Omega-3 Fatty Acids help in decreasing inflammation.

– Water-Plenty of water should be consumed by the people suffering from Spondylitis.It helps in reducing inflammation and

strengthening the bones.

Foods to Avoid:

– Some of the foods which should be avoided at all costs for Spondylitis patients are:-

– Sugar,Sodium and Fats should be avoided as they can increase inflammation throughout the body.

– Alcohol-Many alcoholic drinks contain large amounts of sugar which can increase inflammation in the body.Moreover alcohol affects liver,intestines and other organs which absorb nutrients.

Homeopathic remedies of Spondylitis:

– Homeopathy offers a very efficacious and safe treatment for Spondylitis.Some of the homeopathic medicines used for this cause are:-

– 1. RhuxTox-This is the best homeopathic medicine for treating Spondylitis.RhuxTox helps to reduce the pain and stiffness in the neck region.

– 2. Sangunaria Can.-This homeopathic medicine is prescribed for Spondylitis patients who experience numbness in their arms,hands or fingers. Dr Neogy Best homeopathy doctor for Spondylitis.


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