Homeopathy doctor near me

Homeopathy doctor near me

Dr. Ashis Neogy is available at Kolkata, Lake town, Baguiati and Hatibagan.

About Dr. Neogy– Dr.Ashis Neogy is experienced homeopath, senior assistant of Dr.P.Banerji ( LATE Dr.PRANAB BANERJI ). Still he is working with Dr. Pranab Banerji services as a Clinical Assistant since 1984.

Homeopathy doctor near me , clinic  – 129, Lake town Road ,                   Kolkata – 700089. Opposite Lake         town Jaya CinemaGoogle Map          Phone : 9874154899, 9331517746

Baguiati clinic – EB 23 , Deshbandhu Nagar , Baguiati , Kolkata- 700059, Beside Baguiati AC Market. Google Map  Phone: 9836618251,9331517746

Hatibagan clinic- 104, Aurobinda Sarani,Hati bagan,Kolkata – 700006, Ground floor, Hati bagan crossing, ICICI BANK Building. Google Map      Phone : 9331517746, 9748762041

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Homeopathy doctor Clinic Laketown|Baguiati|Kestopur|Hatibagan

Homeopathy doctor homeopathic treatment Laketown Baguiati Hatibagan Kolkata .

Dr.P.Banerji’s senior assistant


~ Clinic Timings ~

Lake town Clinic :                                          Monday to Friday                                          6 P.M to 7-30 P.M                                     Saturday 7 P.M to 9-30 P.M                  Sunday     –   Closed

Address – 129, Lake town Road ,                   Kolkata – 700089. Opposite Lake town Jaya CinemaGoogle Map               Phone : 9874154899, 9331517746

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homeopathy treatment for Abscess

homeopathy treatment for Abscess

homeopathy treatment for Abscess

Abscess is an inflammation with collection of pus, built up within the tissue of the body.

This is may be painful , redness, warmth and swelling.
Boils Curbancle are abscess .
Abscess generally comes from bacterial infection.
Skin abscess are common , it may occurs to all over our body.
Internal abscess are very difficult to find out.
A person will have a high temperature due to Abscess.
Sometime it cause a dangerous situations. This can lead to gangrene, where areas of body tissue die.
Occasionally high temperature may occur.
Different types of abscesses –
Kidney abscess
Liver abscess
Brain abscess
Breast abscess

Some homeopathic medicines helpful for common boils, curbancle, Tonsils etc.

homeopathy treatment for Abscess

Hypericum , Arsenic alb , Silicea , heper sulph belladonna etc. for oral medicine and calendula Q and Echinacea Q uses for external lotion.
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ketogenic diet facts

ketogenic diet facts high fat low carbohydrate diet adequate protein benefits quick weight lose reduce type 2 blood sugar body fat lose

Ketogenic diet facts

Ketogenic diet fact

Ketogenic diet facts  : Different types of ketogenic diet –

  • Standard ketogenic diet
  • Targeted ketogenic diet
  • High protein ketogenic diet

Benefits of ketogenic diet can help weight lose much more than low fat diet.Some research showing that ketogenic diet may control glycemic level.

If you are overweight obese, start immediately   ketogenic diet plan.

Ketogenic diet reduce type ll Blood sugar level and diabetes medications.For more information check out true ketogenic diets.

Downside of ketogenic diet, you are eating a lot of fat and if that fat are saturated it may cause unhealthy diet, increased type ll diabetic sugar level and also risk for cardiovascular disease.

Some good articles showing about ketogenic diet facts, high fat low carbohydrate diet, adequate protein, benefits quick weight lose reduce type 2 blood sugar, body fat lose etc.

  1. A healthiest keto diet meal
  2. Nutrition keto foods
  3. Benefits of keto meals
  4. Best keto protein
  5. Keto for obesity

A Ketogenic diet to lose weight and fight the diseases. Read more

Ketogenic diet Chart , Ketogenic meal and recipes


All about ketogenic diet:

ketogenic diet facts high fat low carbohydrate diet adequate protein benefits quick weight lose reduce type 2 blood sugar body fat lose.


Ketogenic diet

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Homeopathic treatment for Acne

Homeopathy,Yoga & Foods

Homeopathy,Yoga & Foods

Multicare treatment for Acne with Homeopathy,Yoga & healthy foods.

Acne is very common skin condition.  Multicare homeopathic treatment  helps to control Acne, without any side effects. Multicare treatment is a system to treat with homeopathy,Yoga & healthy foods. Homeopathy treat the condition at the root. Acne occurs when the overactive sebaceous glands secrete excess sebum ,the pores can become blocked, accumulating debris & bacteria. It is usually appears on chest, face, back & shoulders.

Acne effects all teenagers during puberty, some cases after teenage. Blackheads & whitheads are common features for Acne.Bumps containg pus that is pustule acne.When clogged is open blackhed occur or closed by skin is whitehead.Inflamed papules and pustules called Acne.


Acne treatment

Another way Acne found from premenstrual phase and in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Very effective homeopathic medicines  for Acne treatment  – Heper Sulphur, Silicea and Acid Nitric etc.

Acne free skin – helps Yoga and Pranayam

Yoga style

Yoga is the best holistic remedies. Different type Acnes and skin issues, it caused by so many factors. Sometime it is very frustrating .

Yoga can stimulate our hormones and regulates our digestive system.It helps for regular bowels movement and flash out toxins. Yoga builds our body for better blood circulation and balancing the hormones level and manage our stress. Yoga help to take breathing full of oxygen and  improve blood circulation to all of our body.

Best Yogasanas for Acne / Pimples free skin –






  • Need Yoga practice regularly and achieve great skin.
  • Stool / bowels should be clear every day.
  • Drinking water in time.
  • Avoid deep fried foods ( not regular).

Healthy food for Acne :

Healthy foods for Acne

Healthy food is essential for the relief from Acne disease. Acne free skin, depends on good nutrition of our body. Avoids high glycemic foods like white bread, white rice, potato chips, cookies & cakes etc. Choose low glycemic foods like multi grain bread, brown rice, vegetables,  whole grains and fruits etc. Junk food and fast food  should avoided.

Probiotic food Yogurt is popular for nutrition that helps our better digestive system. Apple cider vinegar is another probiotic, it can use small bit with Salad dressing. Goat’s milk cheese is high in probiotics.

Omega-3 fatty acids  foods fight  inflamation & Acne. Some sources omega -3 fatty acid foods  Wallnuts, Roasted Soyabeans,Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Sardines fish & Mackerel fish etc.

Health experts says some high antioxidant foods you must eat regularly. Antioxidants are compounds, that naturally available in fruit & vegetables. Different type of antioxidants keep us healthy.  Some sources of high antioxidants  are Blackberries, Cranberries,Beans, Red beans Broccoli, Walnuts,Hazelnuts,Strawberry,  & Raspberries etc.

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